Nikki Ward


Right out of college Nikki took a job working for Veggie Graphics in Denver, CO. She was able to gain valuable experience and a great eye while working on Magazines like EAS Leading Edge and the Denver University Alumni Magazine. She also had the opportunity to work on corporate identity, ad design, and 12 quarterly newsletters for Creme de la Creme private schools. At the same time she gained experience providing design on flyers, postcards, and ads for a local high end spec home builder. The combined experience gave her a strong foundation of good design principles.

When I'm Not Designing.

Working as a freelance graphic artist since 2005 has provided her with the flexibility to travel the world. Having traveled to over 50 countries and all seven continents she is always on the lookout for interesting places. Some of the most inspiring places she has visited are Antarctica, Israel, Australia, France, Italy, Greece, Tanzania, China, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. (To name only a few...) When not working or traveling you can catch her hiking, drinking coffee, reading 3 books at the same time, or hanging out with her long term partner Peter and their three dogs Thomas, Camo, and Harry.